Who is Rollova?

“Rollova Everything”

ROLLOVA INC is a full-scale music production company that specializes in producing music and mixtapes for a variety of genres. Created in (2012), the idea behind Rollova was to create platform that allowed artist to lease or purchase music and/or retain other music related services at affordable prices. Through the website (rollovabeats.com), artist can purchase and/or lease music that can be used for a variety of mediums including commercials, Internet Ads, and professional recordings. ROLLOVA is an S-Corp founded by Aceskingdom and diggadin. For the past 15 years, Aceskingdom and diggadin have garnered tremendous success working with numerous recording artists across different genres. They both discovered their love for music and talent for producing at an early age. They founded Rollova out of that love for music and their passion for producing hit music. They have spent the past 2 years preparing to launch Rollova as a premier production house with expanded services that include song mixing and recording. Both AcesKingdom and diggadin serve as the company’s CEO and COO, as well as principal operators. They will continue to serve because of their vast experience and commitment to helping ROLLOVABEATS become a leading resource for music production.